Blob From Space – Free Demo

The free demo is now available! Just make and Desura account and install Desura and you’re ready to play the demo!

The Movies part 1 – Superman the director

In this part we will use a costume mod in The Movies. It’s fun to see Superman direct some movies. Also in this part we have to hire script writers.

Blob From Space Closed Beta

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Register today for the closed beta!

Blob From Space – Diamond Rush on Google Play!

The game is now available for free download in the Google Play store. Click the title to see the page.

Blob From Space – Diamond Rush Privacy Policy

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We will not track any of your actions you do on your mobile phone, tablet or even in the game. We do not sell any of your details (Because we will not story any details) to 3rd party members.

Everything you do in the game or outside the game is none of our business so we will not track it.